World-wide Mac Pro ship date slips to April. This is bad news?

The Mac Pro ship date has slipped to April, first internationally, then domestically.

If I was waiting to order a new Mac Pro, I’d certainly see this as bad news. But this is a supply and demand problem, bad news, but good news too. Difficulty keeping up with demand is certainly an issue, especially if there are supply chain constraints, but how can we not see this as a terrific sign of the health of this segment of the market?

Rather than, “Apple’s Mac Pro troubled by supply chain problems”, let’s celebrate the fact that “Apple’s Mac Pro popularity continues to outpace Apple’s ability to build them”.

  • Sam

    Don’t be silly. That would put a positive spin on Apple news, and we all know that’s not allowed…

    • James Hughes

      Because Apple is doooooooooooomed!!!

      • Sam


  • Joseph Blake

    It’s bad news in terms of Apple’s capacity to quickly spin up new capacity in its new American based manufacturing. Is there doubt that Apple would have no trouble keeping up with what is still likely light demand if they were building these in Shenzen?

    • nuttmedia

      US manufacturing of the Mac Pro is a dress rehearsal for future domestic endeavors. They are learning. History will write this as the pivot point.

      • abugida

        If this was the dress rehearsal the show would have to be cancelled outright, or at least delayed to another season.

        • nuttmedia

          Clearly you’re not in showbiz. Anyone in the entertainment industry would giggle at your analogy. Attempts at cleverness aside, if you understand operations, examine the progression of all costs involved in production, recognize Cook’s DNA in this area, and listen to his rhetoric on this topic, perhaps you would come to this same conclusion.

          • abugida

            Just so we’re on the same page here: You know that, prior to the release of the new model, Mac Pros were completely unavailable in Europe for 10 months, due to safety regulations? Obviously, Apple had known about these regulations coming up in advance, which can only lead to one conclusion: This product was already a year behind schedule when it finally shipped on the last day of 2013, and going into 2014 we have come to realize that Apple is still not ready at all. Just imagine a customer who relies on the Mac Pro not being able to buy a new machine he may need for over a year. I don’t know what’s so funny about that.

          • nuttmedia

            The stale 10 months pales in comparison to the lack of a substantive product update that spanned several years.

            However, I do think it is overly presumptuous to paint the delay as an operational failure. It would be fair to say they ignored a loyal customer base, and a specific geographical region, but I am of the opinion that it was more a choice among competing business priorities in favor of higher volume products, and operationally, a more LT view.

            Look, my only point here is that I believe it was an active choice to build on the assembly of Macs in the U.S. already taking place to gauge various logistics and processes (supply chain mgmt, throughput, workforce, shipping) in a new environment — all within a product category that has a more minimal exposure given low volume, yet with meaningful technical complexity. Again, with the broader goal of learning for possible future plans.

    • It might also be further set back because the Mac Pro is such a specialized machine, it probably draws a lot more built-to-order shipments.

  • 11thIndian

    This is the one thing I’d really hoped to hear from Tim Cook on during the last conference call. This time last year, Tim publicly apologized for iMac delays- further stating that they probably should have held back the launch until early 2013. Here we are a year later with a very similar (if not worse) backlog.

    Some people do have their MacPros, so they are making it into users hands; I’m just surprised Tim let it happen again.

  • def4

    The whole premise sounds misleading. Ship dates are not slipping but wait time simply remains constant for now. This is to be expected because Apple most likely invested only in enough production capacity to handle regular demand, not the initial spike.

    Production lines that use labor can scale up and down very quickly to match demand. Automated production lines cannot afford to do that.

  • dustinwilson

    I think many are confusing “manufacturing” and “assembling”. The Mac Pro is only -assembled- in the United States. The bottleneck is most likely due to supply constraints from -manufacturing- which is still mostly done in China. So if this computer was still assembled in China it would still be delayed.

  • collidernyc

    It looks to me like it’s the build to order shipments that are slipping. If you can deal with the base models (and upgrade yourself… and with apple’s prices for ram + hd why wouldn’t you?) you can get one immediately. At least here in NYC. I just got a maxed out 12 core, 64gb ram 10 days ago (they had 4 in stock – the woman that took my order was aghast… “you know how much this is going to cost, right?”) and they had about 100 base 6 cores and 100 4 cores in stock. The pro I can now say, is a truly great computer. Whisper quiet, small, and screaming fast. Hope adobe + maxon catch up with the programming – I notice a lot of things that can only be explained by software.

    • DanielSw

      Ahhh! At last we have a positive post on this silly topic.

      Of course, it gives the incessant grumblers material to rant on about. But the real story is that Apple has another hit on its hands, and it doesn’t really matter just how long it took.

      Apple will get all the kinks ironed out in due course. By that time, I should have the money for mine (two).

      And I fully expect Adobe to have optimized versions of its tools, too. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

      • 11thIndian

        It’s interesting to know that units are available in store in some areas. Here in Ontario there seems to be sweet bugger all.

        My ship date still says February. Same as it did when I ordered on December 26th. Until that changes I’m getting what they promised when I hit “buy”.