Everything you ever wanted to know about curling

OK, maybe not everything, but I did find this a helpful intro to the sport. I’m not sure why, but curling has become my second favorite Olympic sport to watch (behind hockey, of course, and just ahead of the strangely exciting biathlon).

  • For the winter olympics in one of the early years when I had my TiVo, so probably 2002, I set it up to record just Biathlon and Curling, which were normally on in the wee hours. Those sports didn’t warrant the budget for the big human interest productions. They just had commentators who were knowledgable and passionate about the sport they were covering and who wanted to pass on their knowledge and passion to their audience. It was by far my favorite olympics ever.

  • “curling has become my second favorite Olympic sport to watch…”

    Watch Short Track Speed Skating. Insane.

  • Unlike the summer olympics, I find just walking past a TV running winter games to be virtually impossible. Almost every event is interesting in some way.

    (I’d make a crack about figure skating here, but my spouse loves it.)