“Windows 8 is a disaster. Period.”

Just a damning article from Paul Thurrott, but he makes so many valid points.

  • Sam

    Some great, and logical, points there. And ones that I’ve noticed every time I’ve tried to use Windows 8. It’s a homunculus of an OS, and the best thing to do with it is split it in two.

    • James Hughes

      Yes, there are some good points and it is interesting as you mention in your other post here, how angry many of the replies are. Not so much only defensive but angry. Odd behaviour, but unfortunately not unexpected anymore I guess. I have been having a hell of a time just trying to get one of the PC’s in my department updated to 8.1, apparently lots of people are. then again, some that do wish they had not updated and so it goes. Thank god my primary machine is Mavericks.

  • Domicinator

    I respect Paul Thurrott so much for this. I consider him to be the main public supporter of Microsoft and Windows in the blogosphere, so for him to tell it like it is and just put it all out there, while it may be disappointing for MS enthusiasts, it’s just good honest journalism. So rare these days.

    • Moeskido

      I suspect it was more of a purgative than journalism.

      • Domicinator

        I re-read his article again last night, and it dawned on me–this is usually the kind of stuff my friends or family members will tell me (in not nearly as many words) before they switch over to Apple products. I definitely had a similar epiphany right before I fired Microsoft from my household completely.

        I wonder if it’s only a matter of time before Paul switches as well. Going by the reader comments he got on that post (which were actually very entertaining to read) I’m not sure how much credibility he would have with that blog, but it doesn’t sound like he has much interest anymore anyway.

        • Moeskido

          I’m almost interested enough in reading it, but not enough to give him another page hit.

          Given his rhetoric of the past decade — and the example of similarly themed tech writers like Mike Elgan, I’d have a hard time believing such a conversion was genuine. I can see Thurrott going over to Android, assuming he could entirely remake his consulting business.

  • gjgustav

    Wow. When Paul Thurrott says Windows is a disaster, then it’s a disaster.

    • JohnDoey

      Windows was already a disaster for many years before Paul Thurrott admitted it was a disaster, so now it must be an apocalypse.

  • Sam

    Reading the comments is quite interesting. There’s a lot of delusion and “It must be the user’s fault” amongst the Windows hard-core, it seems. (Though I’m sure they think similar things of the Apple-rati)

  • JohnDoey

    Paul Thurrott is getting what he deserves. He has been irrationally defending Microsoft and bashing Apple for over a decade. It isn’t like 8 is the first flop. There is a version of Windows from 2003 that was so bad, Microsoft did not ship it and did a complete reset and then took 4 more years to ship the awful Vista. And that whole time, from 2001 through 2007, XP was like a wound, leaking pus onto the Internet.

    • Moeskido

      One wonders when exactly the decade’s worth of bile rose up in his throat and threatened to choke him if he posted yet another evasive, excuse-ridden article praising Microsoft’s work.

  • Patrick Henry,The2nd

    This is only news because Thurrott is saying it. It was clear that it was going to be a disaster from day one.

  • GTWilson

    Kudos to Paul Thurrott for finally facing reality. A bit frustrating though since a large number of folks have been trying since the developer preview to convey this to him.

  • yummyyummyfly

    Finally a good article from Thurrott! I knew he had at least one good article in him!!