Flappy Bird users threaten to kill developer

“I’ll find you and i’ll kill you.”

“I will kill you mother fucker.”

Holy shit people, calm down.

  • Xian

    Not “people”, so much as “kids”.

    Spoiled white kids with nothing to do after soccer practice.

    • Moeskido

      Apparently, three spoiled white kids differ with you.

  • 1_sane_koder

    Wow. The distorted sense of entitlement has really gone too far. Code your own fucking game if you think it’s so trivial.

    I hope the police track down anyone making murder threats on Twitter (or any other platform)

  • JohnDoey

    That is ironic since he pulled the game because he couldn’t take the massive feedback he was getting. And then pulling the game takes him into death threats.

    He should have just announced the game is for sale. A single tweet would probably do it. He could have sold for a very good sum and done something useful with the money.

    Yes, people making death threats is always crazy, but it is even crazier when it is the Internet and some guy you don’t even know.

  • lkalliance

    I’m unclear on this…if they are fans of the game, I’m inferring they already have the game. What does it matter that the game is being removed from the store? It won’t be removed from their devices, isn’t that right?

  • Kriztyan

    Anonymity emboldens the idiot.