Apple launches iTunes Radio in Australia

Apple on Monday announced its popular iTunes Radio service is now available in Australia.

iTunes Radio features over 100 stations with music from Apple’s extension iTunes music catalog. In addition to the exclusive “First Play” content on iTunes Radio, the streaming service also learns what type of music you like to listen to and becomes better over time.

The free version of iTunes Radio is ad-supported, but if you’re an iTunes Match customer, you can listen to the service ad-free.

I have a number of stations on iTunes Radio and have purchased music based on what the service has brought up for me. I love the ability to tune iTunes Radio for my specific tastes per channel. For example, I’m listening to my Stone Temple Pilots station right now, and I can choose between “Hits,” “Variety,” and “Discovery.”

It’s been a great service for listening and discovery for me.

  • E K

    Wonder when iTunes Radio will come out in Canads

    • Or Thailand? I’m not holding my breath …

  • Jeff

    I am in Canada and iTunes Radio appeared as one of the options on my phone recently. Selecting the service lead to a service error, but the option was there nonetheless. It has since disappeared but was around for a two week period. Perhaps Apple is getting ready to roll it out in Canada shortly (which would keep with Apple’s original timeline).