The man for whom they made the three million mile badge

The Truth About Cars:

That first weekend, Irv rolled 1,500 miles, returning to the dealership on Monday for his car’s first checkup. He hadn’t planned to drive through the weekend, but he says he was having too much fun to stop—up to Boston, down to Philly, and all over in between before returning to his home on Long Island. He’s been driving the P1800 enthusiastically ever since. On September 24th of last year, he hit 3 million miles.

I don’t think I’ve travelled three million miles in my lifetime, let alone in one car.

  • My question is that 3 million on the original motor? I realize normal wear and tear things would be replaced, but the majority of the motor being original would be CRAZY! I’ve heard of a couple people breaking 1 million on a car. My Friend has 350,000 on a ’99 Camry, still runs fine but 3 million is crazy.

    • The article said (you read it, right? 🙂 ) that the engine was on its second rebuild. No mention if it had ben replaced but I don’t think so.