Lenovo plans to surpass Apple, Samsung with Motorola

Clearly, the big comment of the story is the fact that Lenovo plans to surpass Apple and Samsung over time, but the story behind the acquisition is interesting too. I think the next 12 months or so will show how successful the new Motorola can be.

  • Nothing like a well-known American brand to sell product in the Asian market. I can’t speak for everyone, but it definitely feels like there is a lingering inferiority complex with home-grown brands vs “established” foreign brands that is very hard to overcome. I’ve spoken to someone in-the-know about an upcoming S. Korean bit coin exchange and even they want to set up a US office/brand first to provide some “legitimacy”.

  • Moeskido

    I genuinely wish them luck.

  • “CEO has ambitious plans! News at eleven.”

    we will leverage the Motorola brand, but it could be something like “Motorola by Lenovo.”

    …riiiight. their brand is already confused.

    • “The Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD by Lenovo.”

      yeah.. pretty simple for consumers to understand. That phone alone would have 3 separate brands attached to the name (Motorola, Droid which is VZW, and Lenovo).

  • Which is funny, because I think the last 12 months has shown how successful Motorola can be…

  • lucascott

    What you plan and what happens are two different things. We’ll see in time how Lenovo does.

    But something tells me if they plan to beat Samsung and Apple they will fail. Seems like every company that makes beating the other boys their main goal does. Those that make it a goal to make something great often actually succeed and with that success comes sales etc. Which might be why Apple is generally seen as the top dog.

  • It’ll be tough but I hope they take significant percent from Samsung.