DipJar: A tip jar for credit cards

This is a great idea.

  • Great idea, but it becomes one more thing the shop owner has to take care of, another financial account. Integration with Square?

    • Jay Martin

      The checkout process when using Square already allows for tip addition/selection so I’m not sure a Square retailer would need one.

  • Isn’t that what the tip line is on the receipt I sign for? Granted, some places don’t require a signed copy, but I’ve never been to one that also looked for tips. Then again, there are places with tip jars where the people earn a standard income, as compared to wait staff who earn below the minimum wage.

    • Jay Martin

      That is sorta the problem – many of these smallish mom & pop stores don’t have a system set up to allow for addition of tips. I’m not sure this is the right long-term solution, which is to use a different kind of system (Square comes to mind but there are others), but as an interim solution it may be worth it.

      I was just thinking about the place where I take my dog to get groomed: they are both a retailer and offer grooming services. But their system is set up as a retailer so there’s not way in their checkout process to add a tip so I have to remember to take in a couple of bucks for the tip jar.

      • Dayv!

        I go to a coffee shop that doesn’t require signatures on small transactions but allows you to add to the total before they run the card to tip. You have to ask them to do it, though, so this is really only done by regulars and the extremely tip-conscious.

        • Jay Martin

          That’s often the case for a business who’s primarily a service business (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.). It’s much more tricky when the business is a combination of products and services. When a business gets a merchant account (so they can accept credit cards) they have to specify the primary business type. If you don’t select one of the service industry codes, then you’ll often find that the system that’s sold to you doesn’t allow for tipping. But on the flip side, you get better/worse exchange rates based partly on the industry you specify.

          It’s old-school merchant account logic unfortunately. You can’t imagine what goes on behind the scenes when you sign up for a merchant account.