Cockney ATM

Boing Boing:

Long have I heard tell of the Cockney Rhyming Slang ATM of Hackney Road, but na’er had I chanced upon it…until today! As soon as I stuck my debit card in the machine in front of the Co-Op Grocers in Hackney Road and was asked to make a language-selection between “English” and “Cockney,” I knew I’d found it at last.

We have Chinese language ATM’s here in Vancouver but this is so much cooler.

  • CJ

    King Brill!

  • Alex Gollner

    Cockney is usually spoken without the rhyming part:

    Last night I stumbled dahn the frog (almost steppin’ on a Richard) until I got to me Mickey, staggered up the apples and jumped to me uncle. The next morning, before I left, I had a Jimmy, brushed my ‘amsteads and combed my Barnet.

    (…writes non-cockney Alex4D)