World’s first multi-material, multi-color 3D printer

Up until now, a 3D print run was based on a single material of a single color. You could print different parts in different colors for later assembly, but the Stratasys Object500 Connex3 printer makes it possible to use multiple materials in a single run.

Anyone who has watched the inkjet printer emerge and evolve could have seen this coming, but this is an important step nonetheless.

  • rreay

    The ability to 3-d print full color plastic has existed for a while now. One example is the plastic sintering-like process that uses. You can see what it looks like in their galleries.

    • Dave Mark

      First, rreay, the web site you posted is awesome. I love the result! That said, I believe they print in a single color, then hand finish the result. Happy to be wrong here, so if you think that’s the case, please dig in, post more detail. From one of the FigurePrints pages: “We remove it from the machine, hand finish it, mount it in a glass display case and it’s ready to go.”

      Whether single color or not, thanks for the link. Absolutely love the idea of this.