One way to make money in the music business

This guy picks the hot topics of the day and embeds them in short little songs. He writes up to 100 songs a day. He’s found a loophole in the system and he ekes out a living doing this.

This is a tough call. What he creates is his music, so hard for me to say he shouldn’t be doing this. And he’s pretty consistent, so you know what you are getting when you listen to his stuff. Just feels a little bit slimy to me.

Question is, is he taking money from other musicians? Certainly anyone who buys one of his songs knows what they are getting before they pay. Interesting.

  • I read the article, I didn’t see any concern about siphoning money from other artists.

  • shazbat

    As a musician, I don’t think this is slimy. He’s doing new work, though it’s not high quality, and getting paid for it. Don’t think it’s fair to castigate him for that. I would argue that he’s not being socially responsible, but if you use a douchebag scale from the Dalai Lama to Dick Cheney, he’s nowhere near Cheney.

  • Stu Mark

    It’s like the Brill Building on steroids.

  • lucascott

    He isn’t stealing tracks from other folks and pawning it off as his own. Musicians don’t lose listens if his song is picked. So there is no theft.

    He is doing the Spotify version of hit whoring the same as every blog that drops Apple, Samsung, iPhone killer etc into a title to get folks to hit the link and increase their page hits for ad money