The Mac, the iPad and the future

The Mac has played an important role in paving the way for computing in many areas. I believe the iPad is playing an equally important role in the future of computing. It is interesting to think that in the future we may be celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the iPad while some manifestation of the product is still in the hands of many.

I think that’s exactly where we are.

  • matthewmaurice

    I think computational hardware will be invisible in 30 years. The chips and boards, or whatever they are, will be embedded in us physically, or in some small iPod Nano-like device that just sits in our pockets and does the majority of it’s processing and data storage in the could. We’ll be using something like Google Glass but without an ad-driven foundation. Essentially what iPad was to tablet computing, the unnamed Apple product of 2043 will be to Google Glass. Although by then we’ll likely be on version 8 or 9 of it.