Worst passwords of 2013

Come on people, seriously.

[Via BGR]

  • Sigivald

    I’m sure “photoshop” was from the Adobe password leak.

    And if the password was only used there and there was no payment information attached, I don’t think it even matters…

    Accounts that can’t send communications or spend money don’t need awesome security…

  • satcomer

    This why i cringed when the company I was working for change their password policy to 30 days, from 3 months. Changing the password that often made a lot of the users lazy.

    I think they were still angry we wouldn’t give them access to the routers because they kept messing up the configuration file in the gateway router and firewall.

    The funny thing was they ended firing those Microsoft Administrators and had us router techs start running the servers as well as local and remote router configurations/upgrades and making sure all those 5000 portable users stay up to date to policy. So two people’s job at the same salary. No wonder I left.