Where did Universal Orlando get the idea for this great ad?

This is a nice ad, I wonder where they came up with the idea…

Oh yeah, here it is.

  • Joseph Blake

    Eh, this isn’t Samsung level ripoff. I mean, every time a child takes a picture or a video in a TV show or commercial they’re ripping off Apple now?

    • justinscheetz

      It’s the exact same premise. Distant child on phone all the time; parents seem worried. Oh look, the distant child was just creating something thoughtful and creative for their family to enjoy the whole time … and queue tears.

      It’s a complete rip-off.

      • Joseph Blake

        Completely, because you obviously have 100% of the facts including when these two ads were produced and the actual thoughts in the heads of the people who wrote it.

        • Sebastian Paul

          The music is a clone of the piano song from the “Photos every day” iPhone commercial…

      • Justin Newcomb

        Does it really matter? We all are guilty of using other peoples ideas and making them our own. Martin Scorsese has even admitted to stealing from other movies. I don’t know if anyone has recently come up with an “original premise”.

  • Mark

    How did they get theirs out before Samsung? Amazing!

  • pot, meet kettle

  • Thought the same thing when I saw it.

  • uosuıʌ ǝoɾ

    To be fair, it takes a while to make a TV commercial. Production on this may have already started before Apple released their ad.

    • kjmci

      I’ve worked in commercial production – with the right agency, something like this could be hastily turned around in a few weeks.

      Especially when you don’t need to bother about pesky scripts or storyboards.

      • Alex Kaloostian

        It was shot in October, according to a Universal spokesman.

  • RD

    They tried to trick us by using the piano riff from the “Everyday” iPhone commercials w/ the story behind the Christmas ad. Clever.

  • Costa K

    Was all her footage in portrait mode too?