Everything in this 1991 Radio Shack ad can be done on an iPhone

I saw this on Huffington Post. It is truly incredible how powerful our devices are these days.


  • dr.drone

    may be not for 15″ woofers, cb radio, 10 channel scanner, and radar detector.

    these are not obsolete either.

    • Jim McPherson

      I would venture there are apps that sub for 3 of those, although they act in a different way.

      There’s no app for 15″ woofers, though.

      • Joseph Blake

        There is no app that can make your phone a radar detector, CB radio, or scanner (or AM/FM radio).

        There are apps that will interface your iPhone with those devices, but you still require those separate devices.

        • Jim McPherson

          Look beyond the technology and to the purpose.

          Is there an app that notifies you where speed traps are? Yes. (Well, there was.. I think it may have been pulled at request.)

          Is there an app that lets you communicate in real time with random strangers (generally, but not necessarily, on the road, somewhere near you)? Honestly, I haven’t looked, but it wouldn’t be hard to make if it didn’t already exist.

          Is there an app that lets you listen to radio stations? Several.

          You don’t need radio chips to operate at all of those difference frequencies to accomplish the same goal as the earlier devices.

          • Joseph Blake

            If you think an app that tells you where cops have been parked in the past is a substitute for a radar detector, you’re not the target market for a radar detector 😉

      • stsk

        Not an app, but a peripheral that’ll cover lower frequencies than a 15 inch woofer. I’ve tried it – amazing: http://www.thesubpac.com

        • Charlie Kilopapatwothreenine G

          I’ve just checked them out . They look and sound amazing!