Matt Gemmell:

So I’m going to try this. Maybe it’s foolish, and from a commercial point of view it certainly looks that way, but I must try. As of this moment, I’m no longer developing software, either for myself or for others. I’m writing full-time.

Matt is one of the few writers on the Internet that I truly enjoy reading. I’m really looking forward to reading more.

  • Ben

    He’s a great guy and I like his writing, too. But after having my own kids, I have a difficult time with people talking about how the purpose of their lives is for career X or career Y. The purpose of our lives should be more about person X and person Y.

    We see this mantra repeated by people constantly: I am not whole unless I do this for my career. I don’t buy it.

    Save us the personal journey into choosing a career and just start writing instead of developing. To the rest of us, it’s not that big a deal you changed careers.

    • gjgustav

      “Rest of us?” Speak for yourself. The purpose of our lives is for us to decide, not you. As long as it’s not negative toward you or the public in general, it shouldn’t matter to you.

      Maybe some of us care about his “personal journey.” If you don’t then why even comment? Instead of devoting time denigrating others in comments, why not put that time into doing something productive for your community. Let’s see if it adds up to even a tiny fraction of what Mr. Gemmell has done for the Mac and iOS community.

  • Gretchen

    Met him once or twice, nice chap. Better developer than a speaker or writer.

    Don’t give up the day job Matt otherwise you will become yet another NMD, you are already half way along that path.

    • Scruff0

      Wow. You bag the guy for trying something new, stepping out of his comfort zone?

      The guy has done great things for the Apple community, both as a developer and a speaker, at least afford him the kindness of allowing him to make a life changing decision without slamming him with your bullshit comments.