Apple and the FTC scam

Are you kidding me? The deal for Apple to reimburse parents for money their kids had spent on apps was already done, and then the FTC swoops in like it’s doing some great thing for the public.

  • Moeskido

    This is disappointing.

  • Typical. The federal government can’t let anything positive happen without somehow inserting themselves in to take credit.

    I guess they have to keep up the illusion of the omnipotent state somehow.

  • James Hughes

    Disappointing but not surprising.

  • ESatie

    “Fun fact: Before she was appointed to the FTC, Chairwoman Ramirez was a partner in the Los Angeles office of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan.” For some reason Philip Elmer-Dewitt left that thought unfinished, but that is Samsung’s (and Google’s) law firm.

    • crow

      Patent and Trademark agency is now being headed by former Google Lawyer.

      Amazon has board member who was deputy attorney journal.

      Apple is sleeping at the switch.

      • oops


  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Korea and China own most of America including our politicians. The ‘American Music Awards’ were sponsored by Samsung for christs sake.

    • CJ

      I dislike Samsung, too. But is the xenophobia really necessary?

      You’re first statement is factually incorrect, and quite non-sensical actually. You’re second statement in no way supports the first, and while it may be true, that Samsung sponsored a US television program, your outrage at the fact is also non-sensical. Christ has nothing to do with any of this.