Technology has moved into every room of the house except the bathroom


Given that CES has become the preferred exhibition venue for a burgeoning category of advanced home technologies, why is there such a total absence of disruptive toilet innovation at the show?

I want my Internet of Things Toilet!

  • stsk

    Talk to Google, Guess what rhymes with Schmidt.

  • eigerly


  • Sigivald


    (I kid.

    But I’m actually surprised none of the Japanese super-toilets seem to have IP connectivity or home automation links.)

  • I call BS on the headline….What? No one has taken their phone into the bathroom for some “light” reading??

    The iPhone changed my potty time forever.

  • Jeremy Toeman

    ever hear of ToTo? japanese toilet lids with touchscreen controls? just because they aren’t all Internetted doesn’t make them lacking technology…

  • Richard Thompson

    These flatulance filtering underwear would beg to disagree.

  • lucascott

    I’m currently working on a motion controlled switch to auto flush my toilet. That way with the cats pee etc it doesn’t gather (yes I taught my cats to use the commode cause I hate cleaning litter)