CES still matters, but “Shadow CES” matters even more


A gigantic percentage of what makes the trek to Vegas worthwhile for those 150,000 participants is what I think of as Shadow CES — the show beyond the show, largely carried on behind closed doors.

The average encounter at Shadow CES is probably more interesting than the average CES one, for several reasons.

I’d venture to say more deals are made and more meaningful work is done at “Shadow CES” than on the actual show floor of CES.

  • dreyfus2

    Can’t really say anything about CES, as I have never been there… It just seems to me that it has a bad influence on just everybody going there. Even otherwise good sites like iMore turn into one giant junkyard of uninteresting and pointless products… I think I cancelled at least 10 RSS feeds during this show. I can totally see why Apple is not attending any trade shows.

    • I’ve been many times and I absolutely agree. iMore’s videos were particularly egregious example of “LET’S BROADCAST EVERYTHING AND INTERVIEW EVERYONE!” with seemingly no thought given to quality or relevance.

      But as I’ve pointed out, shows like this are often more about the site than the products they are covering. CES is a golden opportunity for the Sales Weenies to meet up with lots of buyers. Dozens of (mostly pointless) videos allow them to say, “Look how much coverage we provide!”