Apple’s new iPad Air TV ad

It’s called “Your Verse Anthem.”

  • yummyyummyfly

    Epic ad. A+

    iPad “Pencil” ad., iPhone “misunderstood” ad, and now this.

    Good to see Apple get its mojo back.

    • StruckPaper

      Pencil and Misunderstood were great. This one only becomes good if you don’t fall asleep during the first 30 sec.

      • Richard Earney

        Love the short attention span of youth 😉

  • Moeskido

    Works for me.

  • DanielSw

    Beautiful. I want one.

  • I look forward to Samsung’s version of this.

    • macyourday

      And by look forward you mean….. Hmmm, how much creepier can they get? I guess we’ll see soon. They are funny, but in a very disturbing, dystopian way.

  • Sounds like Robin Williams on the voiceover.

  • MrDom74

    Its a good Ad… but Apple has done nothing for the latest iPad’s for photography, still the same unremarkable camera.

    I’m holding off until the next ‘new’ iPad Air before I spend up on an iPad again.

    • Dave Aiello

      It isn’t just about the camera. The CPU lets you do things that haven’t been possible on any mobile device other than the iPhone 5S.

    • Davoud

      Yeah, camera is useless. I just last week watched a Hollywood film crew at work in Maryland. The director was in Hollywood. iPads everywhere. While setting up for the shot the cameraman (an Emmy winner) would shoot a short sequence on the iPad and send it off for the director to comment on. The truth is the camera is good enough now for what it is for.

  • Costa K

    Are there any other tablets used for creative purposes? Or for fixing windmills? Or capturing hockey pucks and sumo wrestlers or playing live music or filming waterfalls and Bollywood movies?

    This too shows how irrelevant “market share” really is. Android can have its percentages. Apple has captured imaginations.

  • James Hughes

    Wow. Powerful and well done.

  • brandon

    Who’s the narrator, Matthew McConaughey?

    • Robin Williams on the voiceover – from Dead Poets Society.