Apple, Samsung CEOs agree to mediation

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon will attend the session with in-house lawyers only, according to a Wednesday court filing. Their legal teams had met on January 6 to “discuss settlement opportunities,” the filing read.

Let me get this started: Stop stealing our shit you slimy bastards and we’ll stop winning lawsuits against you.

  • stsk

    Good to have a fallback career. For Jim it’s clearly as a mediator.

    • pberry

      The only thing Jim can arbitrate is another bottle of Heineken.

  • Nick

    I know its not the same Samsung CEO that got pardoned twice – but I would suggest Tim brings a bullet proof vests and a food taster.

  • Weien Wang

    I read this as “agree to meditation.”

  • Moeskido

    For a moment I thought the headline said “medication.” I had a lovely vision of an unconscious Samsung CEO being photographed with his hand in a bowl of warm water, while Tim Cook drew a dick on his face.

  • Ha! Lol