Apple confirms acquisition of photo app dev Snappylabs


Apple confirmed to Re/code that it has bought SnappyLabs, but declined to comment further on the deal.

SnappyLabs had sold the SnappyCam app — which allows the internal iPhone camera to take high-resolution images rapidly — in the Apple Store. It was founded by John Papandriopoulos.

Best part of this story was the snotty last line.

  • Lol! Snotty is the perfect word. 😀

    • Yup. That’s Kara in a nutshell. “You may have broken the story but at least Apple talked to us to confirm it!” 🙂

  • imthedude

    This sucks. Gone from the App Store now. That was a pretty great app for taking pictures of kids.

    • Par for the course and not just Apple. Look at what Google did with Bump, etc, etc, etc.

    • DOn’t worry – it will be back. Built in to iOS this time though.

      • imthedude

        And still require a 5s to use the feature? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them adding something like that backwards.

        • If it is software only, it’ll go back pretty far; I’d wager iOS has the farthest backwards compat’ for mobile. There are times higher processing is needed and Apple is pretty comfortable saying “the experience won’t fit our minimum expectations so [device X] is the minimum.” [device x] may be the current or just one gen back. #laserfocused

          I love this aspect of their bravado though.

          • imthedude

            I’m not arguing backwards compatibility of new OS’s, I’m saying, for example, Siri was not brought to older devices. The point was made it was because it didn’t have a good enough microphone. Maybe that’s true, but it sounds fishy to me.