Chef gets Bluetooth-controlled, heat-proof, slice-proof bionic hand

Just watched The Fugitive with the fam, then saw this.

Chef Eduardo Garcia lost his left hand after being electrocuted in a hunting accident in 2011, but has since gotten a Bluetooth-activated bionic hand. Though he’s still getting used to its 25 different functions, Garcia says the prosthetic comes with a few benefits to his trade — he can now pick up hot things without getting burned, and doesn’t have to worry about accidentally slicing his fingers.

Interesting the way he smashes a garlic bulb with his prosthesis. He’s clearly lost a lot of dexterity, but if you have to lose a hand, glad that science is there to add in some new capabilities. Prosthetics has made some great strides, but there’s so much more we can do as our mastery of robotics becomes more refined.

Here’s a link to the prosthetic hand’s product page.