Mac Pro teardown: Great pics, socketed CPU

Other World Computing took a Mac Pro apart, stripped it to the very core, and shared the pics on their site.

It’s fascinating to see the machine in pieces like this. To me, this is a sign of a great design. I love the fact that the CPU is socketed and not built as a system on a chip. This, and the fact that the Mac Pro uses standard DDR3 memory modules, certainly opens the door to future upgradability.

Just for fun, OWC also posted this pic of their Mac Pro driving 6 Thunderbolt displays, each one 2500+ pixels wide. That’s really something.

  • Below$550AShareIsPathetic!}:-D

    The site is called “Other World Computing” not “One World Computing.” I used to buy all my computer memory and lots of computer accessories years ago.

    • Dave Mark

      Good catch. Thanks. Fixed.

  • Electronics_101

    A ‘system on chip’ is a kind of integrated circuit. It has NOTHING to do with whether or not that integrated circuit is soldered directly to a PCB or held there with a socket. If you’re going to praise system design, at least learn what the terms you’re using mean.