Greetings from Chuck Norris

Take that Van Damme.

  • JoshuaHulgan

    Best. Christmas. Greeting. Ever!

  • imthedude

    This guy is a HUGE bigoted asshole.

    • boristhefrog

      You’ve never considered that this might be a joke?

      • imthedude

        It’s not because of this, so joke or not, my statement stands true.

  • Moeskido

    I’m waiting for all the other CG artists to swap in their own faces on this concoction.

  • Billy Razzle

    Chuck Norris just proved how much less of a badass he is compared to Van Damme.

  • Jump

    That was funny. In case anyone didn’t know, this is a spoof of the original Volvo commercial with Van Damme:

    Btw, it was also spoofed by Channing Tatum from 21 Jump Street, which was hilarious: