What. The. Fuck. Nokia.

Kids, this is why you don’t do drugs while making a TV ad.

  • “Business up front and party in the back” is a joke against the mullet, so why would you want that to be associated with your tablet? Yet another commercial focused away from what the tablet can do to enhance your life–whether personal or professional.

  • Space Gorilla

    Okay, this can’t be real, can it? Surely it’s a joke.

  • Larry Davis

    So their product is ugly, out of date, and the worst compromise? Is that what I’m taking away from this because that’s what a mullet is.

    Nokia, the El Camino of tablets.

    • Makako

      I actually like the design, although dislike the red version. The sharp/bit roundish corners and glossy red make it look toyish. In mate black its quite nice, but then you come to the Windows RT thing. Windows Pro tablets are starting to come down significantly and its starting to make RT compromises look more than unnecessary.

      RT got to change, and soon. It either got to merge with Windows Phone and dish all desktop metaphors, or it must go away entirely. For the time being, even as a Nokia fan I really cant recommend this tablet. Too expensive, too awkward. Oddly fitting add indeed.

  • Makako

    Step back… walk away, dont make eye contact… just move slowly and walk away…

  • David Malcolm Puranen

    The only Americans who don’t already have iPads are the types in the deep south who have mullets. Thus this ad is targeted to them, clearly.

    • Billy Razzle

      No, everyone down here has an iPad too. Very few have mullets.

  • danvrussell

    What a pile of shit. I can’t believe someone paid for that ad to be made.

  • Ok…this is flat out weird. This commercial won’t sell any tablets.

  • Absolutely bizarre…

  • Who is this trying to appeal to? Little kids that want to grow up to be hipsters with mullets?

  • Moeskido

    What a self-indulgent exercise. Who is this aimed at? People who don’t care about what a device can actually do for you?

  • anyone else notice the lag when the thing rotated?

  • Travis Fowler

    I was waiting for him to be turned into a meat pie.

  • donebylee

    “Kids, this is why you don’t do drugs while making a TV ad.”

    Righto. You wait until after the ad wins a CLIO or ADDY. Then, you do drugs.

    • I am impressed that this received client approved. Those crazy Finns!

  • Wow… his panning a spread sheet and device rotation detection has me sold! Take my money now!

  • So the ad agency really hates Nokia? Cuz THAT makes sense.

  • Can I go ahead and say this is probably the first and only post in Loop history everyone will agree on? 😀

    Feels good, eh? LOL

  • Brandon

    At least they weren’t dancing…

  • I don’t think this ad is meant for me. It’s meant for my inner insane lizard.

    It’s disturbed.

  • Made me laugh. Creepy, but awesome!

  • Did someone say “penny stock”?

  • i think its pretty great. clever, amusing, memorable.

    and just look how much discourse its generated between us.

  • GreatBoo

    I like it – it’s weird. It will be taked about and therefore the tablet will be talked about too. It’s for the UK, which has a long history of unusaul advertisements – check out ‘The Judderman’ on YouTube it’ll give you an idea of what I mean.