Apple’s brand new Misunderstood ad

This has immediately moved to the top of my list of all-time favorite Apple commercials. Touches all the right notes for the holidays. So very well done.

  • Moeskido

    Nice piece of work.

  • Who’s cutting the onions in here!? Stop it. Jeez.

  • Visceral on several levels. Brilliant…and, ultimately, the iCritics will hammer it.

    Do we know the agency?

    • MysteriousRacerX

      There’s a couple of “special” folks on MacRumors ranting about it, and real joke is: the title is Misunderstood … and they did! 😀

      Isn’t Chiat/Day still Apple’s agency of record? I know they were moving more creative services in house, but I assume most of the major ad campaigns would still be from C/D,

  • When they are on point, nobody does it better than Apple’s ads. (pretends to not be cleaning a small tear from his face)

  • Tom Adriaenssen

    The most impressive part is that the grandparents have an Apple TV hooked to their TV.

    • Why is that “impressive”? Many grandparents do. And you assume it belongs to the grandparents – maybe the kid/parents brought it along to entertain all the little ones. They are fairly portable.

      Stop Zaprudering the minutia of the ad.

      • Tom Adriaenssen

        It seems: you need a hug.

  • Sleepcountry

    I was just relieved that all the video wasn’t shot vertically, since that was how he was holding his device the whole time before the review.

  • Vera Comment

    ..and I thought the Google India/Pakistan ad was good.

  • They tried to get me! Man, these emotional commercials will make you buy something you don’t even need! lol

    Disclaimer: Not saying people don’t want an iPhone…just speaking to how they commercials with emotion are highly effective.