The new telemarketing robot who swears she’s not a robot

This is comedy gold. A telemarketer called a Times reported trying to get him to sign up for health insurance. He sniffs out that she appears to be software driven (as opposed to a human reading from a complex script) and sets out to prove this.

I do find this incredibly funny but, at the same time, I can see this as the future of telemarketing. This “Samantha West” implementation is flawed and a bit slow on the uptake, but I can see this approach getting much better. To the point where most folks won’t be able to tell the difference between a robotic telepresence and a real human being.

The robots are coming.

  • tylernol

    outsourcing to other countries for manufacturing and call centers is coming to an end. Robots will replace them. AI software call centers like this, and adaptable industrial robots like the ones used at Tesla’s auto plant for example. On the plus side, yes less outsourcing, on the negative side, those jobs will not be coming back. Get your software degrees folks..

  • Peter Cohen

    Just wait until they use this technology for sex call lines.

    • Flicker

      Would probably still show more emotion than my wife.

    • James Hughes

      Huh? Wait, no… she said she loved me.

  • serrebi


  • Ralph Kruse

    I’m finding it hard to believe that this is completely computer driven. My suspicion is that there is really a live person on the line, but they likely have a thick accent so they give the caller a soundboard of pre-recorded responses.

    • sorenriise

      Why is this hard to believe? — anybody with and Android or iPhone have voice recognition — Siri on the IPhone — which pretty much answer any of your questions with information — changing that into following a script and responding to questions is rather trivial.

      The limitation is that they are using pre-recorded sound bites rather than synthesized voices which — with pre-recorded messages the limitations is in the number of sentences which can be pre-recorded which is why the robot cannot say “Im not a robot” or any other sentence which the human can make up — this will soon change as the voice synthesizing will improve (maybe another 3 to 5 years), at which point the voice being pre-recorded is no longer a limitation.

      When that happens, testing for whther you are talking to a real person becomes a lot more tricky — think “blade runner” kind of difficult.

  • Listen to see if callers use their first or last names and reply in a similar fashion.