The cost of double-winding your MacBook power brick

Last week, I linked to a tweet that showed a picture of a double-wrapped MacBook power brick. This tweet (and others like it) spawned a ton of discussion, both pro and con, on wrapping your brick this way.

The article linked by the headline is Wired’s take on the issue. After reading all the pro and con, I’m going back to my old way, which was softly winding the thinner cord without bending the attachment closest to the brick, then very loosely winding the power cord, with the last wind going over and under to keep the winds together.

  • Canucker

    I’ve switched to the double-wrapped method but don’t make the part where the wires are connected to the wires bend (I use a loose loop). Stops a wiry mess in my backpack and doesn’t stress cables/wires.

  • pberry

    Wait, so I’m not supposed to just toss the thing in my bag haphazardly?

  • David Kolb

    Or…you could just buy a new one?

    EDIT: Then again, I have like 5 power bricks for my MacBook Pro because every other time I travel I forget it and have to run by a store to get a new one. So they don’t need to last very long for me considering…


    Sorry, I used do the wrap thing then the cable frayed at the brick end. The Genius at Apple store said don’t do that.

    So had to pay for full price new adaptor.

    So the new adaptor frayed at the magnetic plug end. now has a black electric tape.

    Now matter what you do Apple has designed this to fail. Only options seem to be not to move your adaptor ever. Not to bend it ever.

    Even after the recall. They continue to not fix the design problem.