Slash plays “Hey Joe” tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Slash, Steve Winwood, Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell. Wow.

  • bassanoclapper

    I really enjoyed the Slash solo but everything else seemed too middle of the road, for me. Like Hendrix in a lounge bar, with a single, stand out performer

  • Mohawk

    Great song, but sorry man, Slush isn’t even half the guitarist that Jimmy was….kinda ruins it for me.

    • Nope.

      Slash plays not like Hendrix and i am sure he doesn’t want to emulate anyone.

      I like this one, and nice of him to add an organ.

      What i do not like on his playing, is that he hides not that he likes the Blues.

      I’ve listened to enough Blues, that it bores me sometimes.

      Jim Dalrymple was right, he is better than i thought, perhaps because i stopped paying attention to him ( and mainstream rock ) since the 90’s ( after Nirvana’s first Album, i am more of a NY and Germany’s 80’s punk guy ).

    • Not related, but this is the only player that plays the blues and Not bore me – Loren connors :

  • DanielSw

    Not too bad. Competent musicians, all, and each in his own right.

    But the “soul” of the original was missing, and Jimi’s guitar was “sweeter.”

  • Moeskido

    Slash is terrific. Someone should have handed Winwood a lyric sheet, though. He barely bothered to learn one verse.

  • swedish chef

    That said three things to me: 1. Slash is a better guitarist than I thought. 2. Slash’s style is more influenced by Hendrix than I realised. 3. There are very few guitarists in the world who can carry a Hendrix song without embarrassing themselves, and Slash is one of them.