China probe just landed on the moon

Impressive achievement.

China landed an unmanned spacecraft on the moon on Saturday, state media reported, in the first such “soft-landing” since 1976, joining the United States and the former Soviet Union in managing to accomplish such a feat.

The Chang’e 3, a probe named after a lunar goddess in traditional Chinese mythology, is carrying the solar-powered Yutu, or Jade Rabbit buggy, which will dig and conduct geological surveys.

Wonder if this will trigger more funding for NASA, more contracts for SpaceX, and the beginning of a new space race.

  • MrPhotoEd

    To the scientists and engineers on the project, congratulations and a job well done.

  • His Shadow

    Cool. I’m off to scour the comment sections for morons trying to explain how the Chinese are now in on the grand conspiracy to fake exploration of other planets.

  • Lukas

    Nice. I hope this lights some fires under the Americans’ and Europeans’ asses.

    • monkeyrun

      fyi: the Americans are on Mars…