Troubleshooting Touch ID

Serenity Caldwell has a good article with some tips on getting Touch ID to work better and some things that may cause it to fail intermittently.

  • Twitter should be included in that list. It somehow manages to force you to log in manually at least 10% of the time just by being the foreground app when you hit the sleep/wake switch.

  • Crazy it doesn’t work in the cold, that well. One of our interns was saying another intern has the worst time with Touch ID. It’s a minimum of 2 attempts every time.

    Overall seems folks are pleased but I bet Touch ID 2 will be considerably better. Hopefully a lot is software and works on 5s when the 6 comes out.

    Solid article though.

    • lkalliance

      I agree that likely the technology will improve over time. I debated way longer than necessary over whether to get a 5c or a 5s, and one thing that made it easier to rationalize getting the 5c was that we didn’t know how the sensor would hold up over time. I figured the same thing: that in a couple of years when I would next upgrade the sensor would have improved and also moved down to the lower product tiers.

      Will be very interested to see how it does in the second year (iPhone 6 or whatever).

  • dvhwgumby

    Aagh, that link has annoying auto playing video! Please warn when you do that!

    Oh, my touch ID works fine, but I’m in California.

    • lkalliance

      lol, that would make a big difference. I’m in Minnesota: we’ve had a good couple of weeks of temperatures from the mid-teens and lower. If cold weather affects it…then this time of year wouldn’t be good.