Irn Bru ad

Scotland is one of my favorite places to visit. And now I’ve got one more reason to go. I’ve never had an Irn Bru. Apparently, it gets you through.

  • Grenamier

    All of major grocery store chains carry Irn Bru in the soft drink aisle. I’ve gotten it at Metro, Longo’s and I GA. It’s good but a bit pricey. Anthony Bourbon went to Glasgow once and his guide introduced him to it.

    • sincarne

      Beat me to it. My guess is you’re American, Dave? Seek out any British import store (are those as easy to find in the US?), they’ll have it. I’ll tell, you, though: it’s an acquired taste.

      But still: go to Scotland. Edinburgh and the Cairngorms are my happy places. And the best thing about Prometheus was seeing the Old Man of Storr again.

      • Dave Mark

        I am American, but I do get to travel quite a bit. Scotland is one of my happy places, too! I’ve got a British import store near me, will seek it out (along with digestive biscuits, which I have acquired a real taste for).

    • Dave Mark

      Have to find an excuse to get out there soon.

  • Sinclair Macleod

    Dave, It’s the best hangover cure on the planet.

    • Dave Mark

      Hahaha!! I will have to keep one on hand for that inevitable need, Sinclair. 🙂

    • Mark Thomson

      Agreed! Especially when combined with a fry-up!

  • M Python

    She’s a lumberjack, and she’s OK!

  • Red
  • Gretchen
  • Ian_S

    Scotland is the only country where Coke isn’t the best selling soft drink – Irn Bru beats it hands down.

  • Billy Razzle

    I want to play golf in Scotland.