Volvo plans driverless car test in Gothenburg, Sweden

Volvo has specific plans to put 100 driverless cars on actual commuter roads around Sweden’s second largest city. The project starts in 2014 with a goal of cars on the road by 2017.

This is PR for Volvo, but it also assigns a date certain for putting driverless vehicles on the road with the rest of us. Makes all this much more real to me.

  • Light_Sleeper

    I can hardly wait. Increased safety, decreased emissions, more-efficient cities. Every time I cross a street I think about how my life depends on the other guy being sober, sane, and skillful. It’s frankly terrifying.


    Volvo is Chinese company now. They also can’t use Santa in their commercials.

    It is not real until DOT gives the an OK.

  • EWI

    So now capitalism can kill one of the few decent blue-collar jobs that still exist – the person driving the delivery van or the taxi or the bus.