US carriers agree to unlock phones anytime

Good news.

  • HowmaNoid

    Maybe they should just stop locking them in the first place?

  • Sushifan007

    Sorry dude that’s not true. I just called AT&T and they gave me a royal fuck you saying i need to wait till my contract (2 more years) runs out before the unlock. Even after I read the FCC statement the guy laughed saying yea it says in GOOD Standings when qualified aka 2 years.

    • DanielSw

      Since when is it “a royal fuck” when AT&T expects you to live up to your side of the contract you agreed to when they gave you a $600-800 phone for $200-400 up front? Just why would you expect them to unlock such a phone before that contract is satisfied? Just why would you WANT to unlock it if you weren’t thinking of BREAKING that contract?

      Clue. Less.

  • njpozner

    The headline here and at the linked site are inaccurate. They will unlock your phone WHEN you have fulfilled the terms of your contract. If you’re not under a contract with them, sure, they’ll unlock your device. But that’s not really “anytime”, is it?