Just when you think the NYT couldn’t get any worse

I thought The New York Times hit an all-time low when Catherine Rampell put on her tinfoil hat and said Apple wants to purposely “bust your iPhone.” However, it seems KJ Dell’Antonia is vying for the crown of the stupidest article on the Times Web site.

In an article called “7 Reasons Not to Buy Your Child an iPad for Christmas” Dell’Antonia lists some of the important reasons why parents shouldn’t buy an iPad… no, actually she doesn’t.

Her top reason—ready for this—”it’s no fun.”

That’s right. The device that entertains millions of people around the world is no fun.

No. 2 reason: “A Tablet Is Something They Should Save For.”

The worst part of the story is that Dell’Antonia seems to be talking about electronics in general, but she just had to put the iPad in there to attract more page views (yes, I know, I’m giving them to her.)

Buying your kids books or Lego is great—I bought them for my kids too. Lying to your readers to get page views isn’t so great. It’s pathetic.