Just when you think the NYT couldn’t get any worse

I thought The New York Times hit an all-time low when Catherine Rampell put on her tinfoil hat and said Apple wants to purposely “bust your iPhone.” However, it seems KJ Dell’Antonia is vying for the crown of the stupidest article on the Times Web site.

In an article called “7 Reasons Not to Buy Your Child an iPad for Christmas” Dell’Antonia lists some of the important reasons why parents shouldn’t buy an iPad… no, actually she doesn’t.

Her top reason—ready for this—”it’s no fun.”

That’s right. The device that entertains millions of people around the world is no fun.

No. 2 reason: “A Tablet Is Something They Should Save For.”

The worst part of the story is that Dell’Antonia seems to be talking about electronics in general, but she just had to put the iPad in there to attract more page views (yes, I know, I’m giving them to her.)

Buying your kids books or Lego is great—I bought them for my kids too. Lying to your readers to get page views isn’t so great. It’s pathetic.

  • Stupid is as stupid writes. The two kids in my hime each have an iPad, They also have a two very large bins of Lego.

    Every household in my extended family has an iPad as well. The devices seem to make the kids very happy.

    • MysteriousRacerX

      Exactly. Some people think introducing an iPad into a child’s education and entertainment somehow precludes the child doing anything else.

      Our 5.5 year old is a Daisy (Daisy>Brownie>Girlscout), takes dance (tap/ballet), loves to ride her bike, paints, builds, creates, draws, plays dress up … and yeah, sometimes she uses her (our) iPad to watch some Sophia, or play a few levels of Cut the Rope.

      Some of the comment in that NYT article are hilarious, it’s like some commenters beamed in from the 18th century…

  • marcintosh

    Some needs to list “7 Reasons Not to Read the New York Times.” Top reason – It’s no fun.

    • Ally Kazmucha

      This ^

  • marcintosh

    Some needs to list “7 Reasons Not to Read the New York Times.” Top reason – It’s no fun.

  • Larry Davis

    Total link bait headline. They should be ashamed. The article isn’t even about the iPad per se. It’s about tablet in general. Clearly the headline if accurately written isn’t as sensational and won’t drive the clicks compared to having “iPad” in it.

  • James

    funny how the writer’s kids have iPads…

  • Hobert

    I agee that there is some link bait happening here, but didn’t most Apple fans also complain when an article like this said “tablet” instead of iPad. I clearly remember the responses of “What tablet? The only one anyone wants is an iPad!”. So, yes, it is link bait, but if you want the industry to be defined by the iPad, then you can’t reasonably complain that the industry is defined by the iPad.

    I at least respect that in the first paragraph the author includes the Kindle Fire in her argument. She is not the only parent who struggles with the amount of screen time we give our children. Some are able to incorporate their time on a tablet without issue, other children really struggle with appropriate boundaries when given such access.

    Yet the problem is also the parents who provide technology without setting appropriate boundaries.They give an iPad or Kindle Fire, but set no guidelines as to how it should be used, when it is appropriate to use it, and how to take care of it. My 7 year old can sit with his iPad in church and look up the story we are discussing in his Children’s Bible, while his 9 year old cousin plays Temple Run and completely ignores what is happening around her.

    Any gift can be considered appropriate or not based on the child and circumstance. This has been true forever and will likely remain that way. BB guns, cell phones, American Girl dolls, puppies, pocket knives, and goldfish.

  • the Ugly Truth

    change the word “iPad” to “tablets”…then, the article may have some truth to it.

    why use “iPad”….hmmmm…eyeballs? Guess there are no shortages of iD1ots writing for NYT.

  • Why would kids save up to buy something that’s no fun? Don’t make no sense.

  • Adams Immersive

    I didn’t have to save up for my first computer–it would have taken me years as a child, since my income/allowance was nothing like a real job. My parents bought it for me and it gave me a huge head start on what I do now–aside from being fun! Today, a tablet (and not just any tablet) would have been great in the same way–and equally impossible for me as a child to get money for on my own.

  • Winski

    This can only come from two places….. 1) DIRECT injection of bodily fluids from Dick Cheeeney, OR 2) the woman has been buried in a hole for the last 25 years and doesn’t regularly get to go outside or look at a calendar…

    There’s no disagreement that you can raise and nurture children the way you see fit, but raising them to value and cherish the experiences of life in 1855 is lunacy! You must admit that even idiocy has a limit.

    Thanks for the heads up on the new propaganda…

  • Merckel

    The NYT is trolling new depths of journalism.

  • Sigivald

    In fairness, one should note that authors at mainstream publications rarely get to do their own headlines.

    So the author probably isn’t to blame for the clickbait aspect.

    (The Times still is, but the Times has been useless for years.)

  • Prepare to get even angrier when an analyst will cite this article extensively in a blog post titled “Top 5 Reasons Apple is Doomed to Failure in 2014”

  • danvrussell

    Article reads: “I’m old, and didn’t get to grow up with cool shit. This is why I’m bitter.” #ageist