Apple TV gets Watch ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle and KORTV

Apple on Wednesday added some new stations to its Apple TV. The main menu of the Apple TV now contains Watch ABC, Bloomberg, Crackle and KORTV.

Watch ABC is available in select cities with live and on-demand programming; Bloomberg is offering live business, finance and tech news for free; Crackle lets users watch TV and movies, although it seemed like old content to me; and KORTV gives you live Korean TV including top shows, movies, news, sports and music videos.

There is no download necessary to get the new stations—everything was pushed live by Apple.

  • Mau Sandoval

    But, as usual, it relies on whether your cable provider is listed… boo hoo.

    And while I was able to get a hold of a login in an attempt to watch the Disney Channel (for the kids of course), their content is rather subpar : If you could find 20 different episodes for all the most popular shows, that would be impressive.

  • Just waiting on Amazon Instant.

    • lucascott

      Not likely to ever happen. AI is direct competition. Apple wants you to buy from them so they aren’t likely to facilitate something of said ilk

      • Mau Sandoval

        Not accurate: You don’t buy any of this content from Apple.

        The content is provided for free as long as you already gave all your money to your TV provider, and you will get it IF AND ONLY IF this provided has agreed to distribute this content through Apple TV.

  • I really wish this was more like the App Store. These lists of channels I can’t even watch are just clutter on my screen.

    • EVula

      You can hide unwanted channels in the parental controls.

    • DustyVH

      Go to Setting/Restrictions … then you can ‘Hide’ the apps you don’t want on your Apple TV home screen.

      • lucascott

        But they still take up room. Yes right now perhaps the so and all these channels are a mere GB but Apple will keep going and soon there will be little space for caching etc in that tiny box


    crackle is owned by Sony.

    Who owns KORTV? Samsung or the moonies.

  • lucascott

    THIS is the App Store needed. Let us download the ones we want.

    And get the players to stop this ‘if you have a cable company that allows it’ crap. Plus direct subscriptions of things like HBO, Starz, BBC