App Store ratings

Some good thoughts here from Daniel Jalkut.

  • T_Will

    This was an idiotic suggestion by Gruber. Tap “no” or “ignore”. Big deal.

    • Well if only apps was asking once. No, they nag you almost every week, sometimes even if you rated them in App Store. So Gruber’s suggestion wasn’t idiotic at all.

      • Sorry, but Gruber’s suggestion was douchebaggery.

        A better suggestion would have been to organize an e-mail campaign where people could send e-mails to the developers. Write a clean, proper language (for international developers as well) email that your followers could copy and email. That way, the developers get a clear message from the number of emails they get without scamming their ratings on the App store.

        To take it a step further, he could have used his name to contact the company ahead of time, tell them that he is going to feature their app for this practice and if they’d be willing to modify their process. If they do, guess what, the developer looks good, he looks good. If they don’t respond, then they’re listed. And he could list 5 apps per week or something like that.

        But I guess it’s just easier to be a douche about it.