Tonally Awesome

What an incredibly inventive name for a company. They sell a product called Teüna, a chromatic tuner for iPhone and iPad.

  • Cloudy

    Yeah, but it’s another basic, pretty, and largely functionless chromatic tuner. The app store has way too many of these. What we could use is something more like Pitchlab, the Android app. It’s the only Android app I’ve ever seen that doesn’t have an equivalent-or-better on iOS.

    The Pitchlab spectral view is better than any tuner I’ve seen on iOS, including N-Track Tuner.

    I currently use Roadie Tuner; simple, accurate, gets the job done.

    • Tonally Awesome

      Hi Cloudy. Pitchlab looks pretty great (and amazingly free) and the Roadie Tuner looks like a cool peripheral idea.

      Teüna 1.0 is the first release of my first app. I use it routinely to tune my instruments and I wouldn’t say it’s “largely functionless”, though it is minimally featured.

      I’ve tried to make something useful and delightful. Useful-wise, I think Teüna is fast, accurate, reliable and simple. I can usually finish tuning faster than I could find one of my other tuners. Design-wise, I’m trying to work within iOS7 sensibilities while consciously moving away from electronic and electric guitar styling. Hopefully it will appeal to the many acoustic musicians out there.

      I really appreciate Jim’s mention here—it has dwarfed all the previous interest I’ve been able to drum up on my own in the month since release. If you have any issues or suggestions with the app, let me know!

      Thanks, Nathan at

  • pitchlab

    Teüna looks very nice so congratulations on that. Cloudy, PitchLab is actually available on iOS now: