LeAnn Rimes new video shot entirely on iPhone

Multi-Grammy award-winning artist LeAnn Rimes just released the new video for “Gasoline and Matches,” a single from her latest album, Spitfire. The video for the song, which also features Rob Thomas and Jeff Beck, was shot entirely on an iPhone, according to Rimes.

“Using the iPhone camera for the stop motion video made it easy, affordable and portable for us—because of time factors,” said Darrell Brown, the Co-Producer of the record and video. “I had to get Ian to Dublin to film LeAnn while she was there. I had to get Ian to New York State to film Rob. It was so easy to lug around three iPhones instead of other heavy gear. iPhone to film, IPhone for playback of song and iPhone to document the fun.”

Ian Padgham, the Director and Co-Producer, explained that he filled up a sketchbook of ideas for Rimes and Thomas before he even started shooting. He then set out taking the more than 8,000 pictures that were needed to produce the stop animation found in the video.

“It was such a cool experience, hanging out with them and shooting their video on my iPhone,” said Padgham. I wanted to do a scene with Rob blowing out a light for part of the song so I attached my iPhone to a stand in his back yard and filmed him do a bunch of scenes. Such a unique chance to do something different with truly wonderful artists.

Rimes said that she has wanted to record something with Rob Thomas for a long time and she’s very happy with the way things turned out.

“To create a video with my friends Rob, Jeff and Darrell was going to be fun,” said Rimes. “When we added Ian (the director) to the mix my expectations were blown away. I am so happy we made and shot the video this way!”

You can buy LeAnn’s new album, Spitfire on iTunes.

  • g

    very very cool!

  • DanielSw

    Great duet, catchy tune! Excellent stop motion, beautiful production design. Should be a good seller for them.

  • lucascott

    Great evidence of the fact that it is less about the tools and more about the photographer.

  • Moeskido

    I love stop-motion. Hope Rimes gets good attention for this video.

  • GG

    Digging the video and the song (the remix during the end credits is more my speed). Curious about the use of VideoPress. It offers no social network sharing and doesn’t help LeAnn’s YouTube video views, which are exceedingly sad compared to, say, Rebecca Black’s new song.

  • The Keynote Kid

    Just plain super!!!!

  • Very good 🙂

  • Terry

    And Jeff Beck to boot… don’t get no better