Why Obama can’t have an iPhone

US President Barack Obama admitted Wednesday he was not allowed to have an iPhone owing to security fears — explaining why he is sometimes seen with a bulky super secure Blackberry.

“I’m not allowed for security reasons to have an iPhone,” Obama told a group of young people at the White House for an event promoting his health care law.

He added that his daughters Sasha and Malia spend a lot of time on their iPhones.

I didn’t think that was the case any more.

  • Mikey

    I read that he had a specially configured Blackberry. Someone needs to teach the Secret Service about MDM.

    • Idon’t Know

      MDM won’t work with this. Its nothing like typical Blakcberries.

  • Usually, IT drones can’t be bothered with upsetting the status quo.

  • Joseph Blake

    Given what probably went into customizing the device, the fact that you can run BES completely internally, and just the inertia that happens in government IT this isn’t that shocking. It is slightly more complicated than just standing up some MDM solution at IT department of the Executive Office of the President.

  • marcintosh

    I think a lot of people are reading this wrong. It’s not that the iPhone isn’t secure enough and might be hacked, it’s more likely the iPhone is too secure – i.e. it would be too difficult for the President’s handlers to access his data. Everything that goes through his Blackberry is probably vetted and/or captured. I think that would be harder to do with an iPhone.

  • Idon’t Know

    This is a special hardware/software Blackberry that is not anything like commercially available units. it took them years to develop and very few people have one. it also has very limited functionality and just a few apps.

  • I wonder how often he even uses his phone. He probably doesn’t have to carry keys or a wallet anymore.

  • lucascott

    It’s worth pointing out that the article says the iPhone hasn’t been vetted fully. Not, as some articles suggest, tested and find wanting.

  • Moeskido

    When you accept the most important job in the country, you might have to take whatever tech comes with the job, especially if every single thing you communicate is property of the state.

  • Demosthese

    It’s funny how nobody ever asks why he doesn’t have an android or windows phone.