Brad McCarty:

I had my first quarterly review a few weeks ago. Things didn’t go very well. Though I had exceeded a few of the goals that we set up when I started, there was one key area in which I had undoubtedly failed. That failure led to a stern discussion with my VP of Biz Dev (my direct boss) and the CEO (his boss).

Incredibly open article.

  • “One of our core culture points…” That’s when I stopped reading….

    • Moeskido


  • jcgarza

    Don’t mean to be negative, but that “article” (quotes intentional) is a waste of time. Completely vague in what happened, how he “fixed” it, and in his recommendations. Made me feel cynical, even, as I found myself thinking if this wasn’t posted only in attempt to have it circulated and raise awareness of their brand…

    • Moeskido

      The writer’s inside his own head and not good enough at conveying details that matter. Or constrained from discussing them properly.

      Doesn’t matter. He’s within the marketing-speak bubble. One cure: http://unsuck-it.com.