Apple the top brand in many categories

According to research from Parks Associates, Apple is the top brand in a wide range of categories, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, home networking routers, MP3 players, and streaming media devices.

So basically, Apple isn’t the top brand in cars and hockey sticks.

  • stsk

    What? Not hockey sticks?? How ’bout beer?

  • Mike Burgess

    Apple would probably make a great hockey stick but I would probably have to decide if I would need it for the looks or how it would help my shooting. Ok. I would get it for the looks. Nothing can help my shot.

  • Sigivald

    Ah, it’s user preference, not sales.

    Makes sense.

    (I was especially piqued by the “home networking routers” thing; Apple only sells high-end kit there, and they certainly can’t win on sales quantity.

    But AirPort, for all its lack of Weird Geek Stuff [QoS, in-depth administration] works really well, and in my limited experience tends to more reliable than, at very least, the cheap competition.

    My Time Capsule and AirportExpress setup is the first bridging [that is, network extending between base stations, not a simply Ether-Wireless bridge] setup I’ve ever seen that not only just worked, but was reliable and not insanely difficult to set up.

    Which is typical of today’s Apple.)