Apple patents Siri-oriented smart dock for the home

Very smart. A place for Siri in your home so anyone can make use of the service.

In operation, a user would perform an initial setup that would include assigning an audio prompt, such as a spoken word or hand clap, that will be used to activate the unit and its services. For example, a user may want to set the prompt as a finger snap. When in listening mode, if the dock “hears” a finger snap, it will activate the iPhone’s voice recognition feature.

This opens up a lot of possibilities. Since Siri is constantly monitoring the airwaves, listening for a “go” command, why not let Siri settle arguments?

“I never said that.”
“Yes you did.”
Voice from the living room says, “Sorry, Dave, but you did say that, at 749 am this morning”

  • I thought it was creepyTo have always always listening devices?

    It seems like it wouldn’t work well for me. The device requires an iPhone on it so if your phone is on you the dock is useless, well…still has a clock.

    I wonder if they will find a better way, maybe iBeacon or WiFi?

    • it’s creepy when it’s an advertising company doing the listening. i trust Apple because their sensibilities align with my own; i dont trust Google. EOS

      • The White Tiger

        Though, really, we should be at a point where devices have the option to listen in locally, rather than sending everything we’re saying within earshot to a server to be parsed and analyzed. Even if Siri can’t be given an offline option (though I’m pretty sure it can), at least command cue listening should be on the device itself.

        I don’t want EITHER company to know what I’m saying to things that are not my electronics, though it is an irrelevant discussion until Apple actually brings this tech to market (if they ever do).

        • Agreed on irrelevancy until it is available.

          I don’t find either company (Motorola or Apple) having “always listening” devices as creepy. The feature makes the Moto X the best user experience on the market [use one if you disagree].

          • The White Tiger

            It’s not that I’m concerned with either of them (my life isn’t that interesting for multibillion-dollar companies), it’s that they simply shouldn’t and don’t need to radio home for voice analyzation. If I want to save on data usage, let me save on data usage. If I want to do it for privacy, let me do it for privacy. I shouldn’t be hamstrung and forced to rely on an internet connection and their servers to perform local tasks.

          • Move to Android. 😉 That’s been there for a couple versions now.

            Of course search requires Internet unless you’re in Google Now and you search your phone but either way it is a much welcomed solution.

          • The White Tiger

            Oh, did they add offline functionality to Now? I don’t remember it being there on my Galaxy Nexus. In that case, I rescind my complaint about the two of them and just complain about Siri phoning home for everything.

          • It isn’t perfect now but voice recognition is on device now. They need more offline commands.

      • You guys seriously forget iAds. Both companies are in many of the same businesses.

        And I’m sure you can’t but show me one instance of Google selling customer data to an advertiser.

        Oh yeah…Moto X is the device, not a Google device.

  • SockRolid

    “Clap on, clap off. The Clapper!”

  • movieboy

    You need to watch “The Entire History of You” episode of Black Mirror.

  • Chidi Onwuka

    …and by extension, Siri being asked to testify in a court of law. 🙂