Top reasons people uninstall mobile apps

Why do people uninstall apps? Appiterate conducted a survey and discovered one reason stands above the rest: annoying push notifications.

I get that.

  • Jwcorey

    “annoying push notifications” …speaking of Gameloft…

  • GadgetGav

    And yet it’s a “feature” that annoying push notifications came to Mavericks / Safari…

    • Jwcorey

      A “feature” can be turned off.

      • GadgetGav

        It was the first thing I turned off when I opened the new version of Safari. I can’t think of a single instance where it would be useful to me.

      • GadgetGav

        It can be turned off in iOS too, so there’s not really a good reason why it should be the #1 reason for people to uninstall apps.

  • The worst are the notifications that are like, “HEY! I noticed you haven’t launched me in a while!”

    I’m really glad Apple has really fine grained controls in Notification Center.

  • rreay

    For me it’s almost always the requirement to make an account.