In defence of skeuomorphism

I really enjoyed Ben Moss’ take on this.

  • Rob Hooft

    It is definitely eloquently written and pleasant to read, but it ultimately raises only a semantic point: “skeuomorphism is the wrong term for what some people dislike in OS/Software design, it means something else than many people think”. The current use of the term may actually lead to semantic drift…. skeuomorphism may soon mean what the masses think it means.

  • The problem in previous iOS designs was never skeuomorphism itself, but the flagrant misuse and abuse of skeuomorphism. For all of Apple’s design prowess, they far too often used skeuomorphism like a butcher’s knife rather than a scalpel.

    Need a place to store your books? He’s a big hulking book shelf – you can’t miss it! Want to listen to audio recordings, which we long ago dubbed podcasts? Well just in case that newfangled word podcast confuses you, here’s a big hulking tape recorder looking thing to listen to them on!

    Apple shat skeuomorphism’s bed and gave it a bad reputation in the process. Kind of a shame, really.