Photo Stream and your photos in iCloud

I’ve seen some confusion over iCloud’s Photo Stream feature and whether it allows your photos to perpetually remain in the cloud. Apple could do a little more to help clear this up, but until then: Photo Stream and Shared Photo Streams are two related features that have different rules, and yes, there is a simple, official way to permanently store and share your photos with iCloud.

Nice article from David Chartier.

  • iPhoto should have an option where it automatically stores your photo stream whether you open the app or not. Having to open iPhoto regularly just to cast a photo stream net seems unnecessary and is prone to user error.

    Also, Apple could do a much better job of explaining certain features to their users. It’s great that photo stream just works, but if no one knows what it’s doing and why, then what’s the use?

  • Martin Johnson

    You don’t have to open iPhoto to pull down photos from Photo Stream. There is a worker process on the Mac that is always downloading photos from Photo Stream. Opening iPhoto just causes iPhoto to import those photos that are on your drive already into your iPhoto library.

    You can see this for yourself by closing iPhoto. Then watch the following folder as you take pics with your iDevice:

    /Users//Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement/assets/sub

    Every photo added to Photo Stream will show up in its own folder (I don’t know why it has to have it’s own folder) named with a GUID.

  • Impaler

    I always liked Siracusa’s idea…reverse photo steam. Store it all in the cloud and allow he last 1000 photos on your device.