Photos of LA from 1898 through the 1960s

Fantastic pictures. Especially love that 1957 shot of Manhattan Beach. Used to live just a few blocks from there. If any of these places click for you, fun to pull up a map and compare what is to what used to be.

  • M. David Minnigerode

    Love the jack in the box. And the snow on the ground. Used to live in So CA. Some of the old dives out in the southern desert had pictures from the early 1900s. Lots more trees and grasslands where today there’s nothing but desert.

  • Dave – please note that 1960s is plural, not possessive, so no apostrophe is needed 🙂

    (if using the apostrophe as shorthand for the century, it’s ’60s)

    • Dave Mark

      Thanks. I keep getting this wrong. Appreciate your steering me right. Fixed. 🙂