Leaving Chrome for Safari on iOS

Federico Viticci wrote an in-depth article about why he left Chrome and returned to Safari on his iOS devices. One comment I’d like to add to his piece is about using Reading List. I’ve been using Safari’s built-in read later feature too and I kind of like it. I suppose it’s as much for the convenience of having my saved articles available across all devices as it is for the feature itself. I do use Instapaper and have the apps, but sometimes it’s just easier to have everything in one app.

  • monkeyrun

    there is little reason to use Chrome on iOS to begin with.

    • The White Tiger

      Unless you, y’know, use Chrome on your computer and want synced tabs.

  • The White Tiger

    Reading List is incredibly useful for being an offline viewer integrated into the browser. If I ever lose my connection, I just shrug and flip over to Reading List and go through my ever-growing list of articles. That’s one of the reasons I like it over Chrome.

  • with ios7 did apple change the way Reader-mode works? in some articles it’s still in an attract, legible serif font (akin to a magazine or newspaper), but in many articles its now in a sans serif helvetica. i honestly cant tell if this is a new stylistic “feature” or a Reader bug. i prefer the serif typeface for reading.

    i also cannot find the increase/decrease font-size UI that used to be in Reader mode.

  • T_Will

    One minor issue for me…unable to install Safari for Windows at work. Why doesn’t Apple open up the nitro engine already!

    • im using the legacy 5.1.7 safari for windows client. i love the reader mode, and integrated reader and bookmark syncing…but loath the WebKit2WebProcess.exe process, which is crashing more and more often.

      • why on earth down-vote someone trying to offer up useful, relevant info?

  • I like Chrome, but the Reader function on Safari is the killer thing for me. Having that text front and center, is a big difference since not all websites have a responsive design that adjusts to mobile. You can install extensions on the desktop version of Chrome to fix this, but not on the mobile version. My eyes are not getting any younger, so with as many nice features that Chrome may have, not having that one is a deal breaker, at least on the iPhone.