Apple’s solar farms in North Carolina

Katie Fehrenbacher for GigaOM:

Apple’s two solar farms and one fuel cell farm near its data center in North Carolina are now all live and generating power. The projects are unprecedented in the industry and have helped usher in real change.

What a fascinating read.

  • Moeskido

    Nice to see Apple doing things like this. Good thing they have enough cash on hand to make long-term investments in projects that can positively influence the energy industry.

    So if Apple’s plants generate more power than its data center needs, does Duke Energy get to sell the overage at a profit to its customers?

    • alextheukrainian

      Yes, normally that’s what happens – Apple sells to Duke, they sell it to others. If you have solar as a homeowner, you get to sell the leftovers to your energy company also.

  • alextheukrainian

    My contribution to the comments: why did’t he use iPhone’s panorama feature to take those shots and fit all the panels in one shot? I’m so genius.